Kite-Surfing Boards shaped by Dan Moore

When you have to trust your life on a piece of equipment, you better make sure it won't let you down. Custom Kite-Surfing Boards designed and built in the USA by kite-surfing pioneer, Dan Moore.

* Complete with pads straps and fins.

* Custom order widths and lengths.

* Constructed of a high density Foam blanks.

* Glassed with one 4oz. and one 8.7oz. Tight weave military fiber glass and carbon fiber heel patches.

*Auzine epoxy resin. Vacuum bagged.

* Sprayed finish with 2 coats epoxy primmer. 2 coats custom colored urethane enamel. 1 coat urethane clear.

* Shipping cost not included.
Kite-Surfing Boards shaped by Dan Moore
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