Outereef Tow Surfing Boards By Dan Moore

When you have to trust your life on a piece of equipment, you better make sure it won't let you down. Custom tow boards designed and built in the USA by Dan Moore. Dan's custom shapes were refined over ten years of hard core tow surfing R & D in the heaviest big waves in the world.

*Boards complete with pads, foot straps and fins.

* Additional charge for added weight $100.00

* Custom order widths and lengths.

* Constructed of a high density blanks.

* Glassed with one 4oz. and one 8.7oz. Tight weave military fiber glass and carbon fiber heel patches.

*Auzine epoxy resin. Vacuum bagged.

* Sprayed finish with 2 coats epoxy primmer. 2 coats custom colored urethane enamel. 1 coat urethane clear.

* Shipping cost not included.
Outereef Tow Surfing Boards By Dan Moore
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Price $1,050.00